Officers, Board and Committees

SCA Officers

  • President – Aaron Harless – Springfield Ready Mix – 862-9203
  • Vice President – Dianna Devore – Design Fabrication – 869-8585
  • Treasurer – Joe Tucker – Tucker & Company, P.C. – 881-6919
  • Secretary – Mark Gambon – Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance – 881-6623
  • Advisor to President – Jim Carson – Carson-Mitchell – 869-5653
  • Past President – Dave Robertson Prestressed Casting Co. – 869-7350
  • General Counsel – Mike Textor – Lathrop & Gage, LLP – 877-5930

Generation Next Officers

  • President – Charlie Cornwall – Ewing Signal – 773-6502
  • Vice President – Stacie Ramos – Springfield Builders, Inc. – 865-6200 ext. 111
  • Treasurer – Steve Sparkman – Penmac Staffing – 616-6342
  • Student Chair – Ted Harrison – Missouri State University

SCA Board of Directors

  • David Atkisson – JE Dunn – 877-8712
  • Tom Burch – MTS Contracting – 865-9991
  • King Coltrin – Great River Associates – 886-7171
  • JW Delong – Delong Plumbing – 883-3535
  • Mike DeLong – City of Springfield – 864-1928
  • Dave Ewing – Ewing Signal Construction – 724-9405
  • David Foreman – APAC, MO – 868-6700
  • Melton, John – Complete Electrical Solutions – 831-8039
  • Georgia Powell – Cardinal Roofing – 887-5302
  • Rick Quint – Q & Company – 863-6700
  • Generation Next President – Charlie Cornwall – 773-6502

SCA Committees

  • Architects/Government Liason – Dave Foreman – 868-6700, Rick Quint – 863-6700
    The Architects/Government Liaison Committee meet together since many of the same issues are discussed.  SCA members meet with representatives from the City (Building Development Services and Public Works), City Utilities, Greene County, AIA and MSPE.  This committee meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:30 am at the SCA office.
  • Chicken BBQ Committee – Doug Fronick – 868-6700
    The Chicken BBQ Committee is responsible for planning, cooking and serving the traditional chicken dinner at the Springfield Rubgy Club’s field west of town. The event is held the second Thursday in September. Any profits are shared with our partners, CSI and the Springfield Rugby Club. SCA’s share of the proceeds goes directly to the Scholarship Endowment Fund  and CSI uses theirs for scholarships too. We would like to recruit some people with lots of mobility and access to jobites to market the event face-to-face.
  • CU Committee – Mark Gambon – 881-6623
    The CU Committee meets monthly with officials from CU to share and discuss topics of interest to the construction industry.
  • Developer of the Year/Project Team of the Year – Kris Evans – 864-5500
    The Developer of the Year Committee chooses the recipient of each year’s award from nomination forms submitted by members. The committee also developed the criteria to nominate and select the Project Team of the Year award. The awards are presented at the annual Salute to Construction Banquet in November.
  • Golf Tournament – Paul Hulett – 693-0929
    The Golf Tournament Committee is responsible for setting up and taking down Hole Sponsor signs and for the beverage distribution system during the Spring and Summer Golf Tournaments. This committee is not recommended for those who want to play.
  • Generation Next SCA – Charlie Cornwall – 773-6502
    A group of young professionals under 40 in the Design & Construction Industry
  • Marketing & Membership – Needs New Chair
    The Marketing & Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of members.  The Committee has been on hiatus until a new Chair is appointed.
  • MSU Liaison Committee – John Melton – 831-7811
    The MSU Liaison Committee meets monthly with the University’s design and construction department to share information about upcoming projects. Committee members are selected from volunteers.
  • OTC Liaison Committee – Dave Robertson – 869-7350
    The OTC Liaison Committee offers advice and support to the college on construction issues. This committee meets quarterly or on an as needed basis.
  • Pig Roast – Matt Edwards – 866-2256
    The Pig Roast Committee is made up of two parts: the planning committee and a group of about 40 volunteers to actually work during the event. We would like to recruit some people with mobility and access to jobsites to market the event face-to-face.
  • R-XII Liaison – Dave Robertson – 869-7350
    The Springfield R-XII Liaison Committee meets monthly with the School District to offer advice and provide insight into the construction process for the benefit of the community.
  • Safety, Health & OSHA – Need New Chair
    The Safety, Health & OSHA Committee has the goal of promoting safety awareness for all SCA members. Seminars and training sessions are outreach opportunities identified by this committee. Representatives form the General and Subcontractors are needed for this group. This group has been on hiatus until a new Chair is appointed.
  • Salute to Construction Liaison – Needs New Representative
    The Salute to Construction Liaison represents SCA on the Salute Council. Many SCA members volunteer to speak at area R-XII Career Days.
  • Scholarship – Doug Fronick – 868-6700, David Atkisson – 887-7812
    The Scholarship Committee meets during the spring to select the recipients of each year’s awards through the application and interview process. This committee also helps raise funds for annual scholarships (and the SCA Scholarship Endowment fund with the Community Foundation) by serving as workers at the SCA Chicken BBQ Scholarship Fundraiser.
  • Workforce Development – Needs New Chair
    The Workforce Development Committee works to discover ways SCA can work with other groups to build our talent pipeline and train our workforce. The group also works with other groups such as OTC, HBA, the Missouri Job Center and the Chamber of Commerce. This group has been on hiatus until a new chair is appointed.