The success and growth of your Association is due to the efforts of volunteers serving on our committees. The Board of Directors will emphasize increased committee work as one of our goals. We encourage you and other members of your firm to choose one or more of these committees on which you’d like to help. Only one form has been sent to each member firm, so make sure all your employees have a chance to volunteer.

Brief Summary of SCA Committees:

  • Architects/Government Liaison Committee
    meet together since they often discuss the same topics. SCA members met with representatives from the City (Building Development Services and Public Works), City Utilities, Greene County, AIA, and MSPE.
  • Chicken BBQ Committee
    is responsible for planning, cooking and serving the traditional chicken dinner at the Chicken BBQ. The goal is to raise money for the SCA Scholarship Endowment Fund.
  • Developer of the Year Committee
    chooses the recipient of each year’s award from nomination forms submitted by members. The committee also developed the criteria to nominate and select the Project Team of the Year award. The awards are presented at the annual Salute to Construction Banquet in November.
  • Golf Outing Committee
    is responsible for setting up and taking down Hole Sponsor signs and for the beverage distribution system during the Spring and Summer Golf Outings. This committee is not recommended for those who want to play.
  • Membership & Public Relations Committee
    is responsible for recruitment and retention of members.
  • MSU Liaison Committee
    meets with the University’s Planning, Design and Construction department to share information about upcoming projects. Committee members are selected from among volunteers
  • OTC Liaison Committee
    meets to offer advice and support to the college on construction issues.
  • Pig Roast Committee
    is made up of two parts: the planning committee meets preceding the event. And then, we need about 40 more volunteers to actually work during the event.
  • R-XII Liaison Committee
    has a similar purpose to the MSU and OTC Liaison Committees. The meetings give the School District a chance to ask questions about construction issues while sharing information about current and upcoming projects.
  • Safety, Health & OSHA Committee
    has the goal of promoting safety awareness for all SCA members.
  • Salute to Construction Liaison
    represents SCA on the Salute Council. Many SCA members volunteer annually to speak at Salute Career Days.
  • Scholarship Committee
    meets during the spring to select the recipients of each year’s awards through the application and interview process. The Executive Committee has directed this committee to raise the funds for the annual scholarships and the Scholarship Endowment Fund.
  • Workforce Development Committee 
    works to explore ways the SCA can assist in recruiting and retaining the workforce our industry will need.