John Twitty Energy Center Embankment for Rail Loop Expansion


City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri, will be accepting proposals for “John Twitty Energy Center Embankment for Rail Loop Expansion” until 2:00 p.m., local time, September 26, 2013, at the Purchasing Dept.,301 E. Central St., Springfield, Missouri, at which time they will not be opened publicly.

PREBID MEETING: A pre-bid conference will be held at 10:00 A.M.,(Local Time) September 10, 2013, at the John Twitty Energy Center Conference Room, 5100 W. Farm Road 164, Springfield, MO. Prebid is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

SCOPE OF WORK: The work includes, but is not limited to moving approximately 633,000 cubic yards of fly ash and bottom ash from an on-site landfill to the proposed embankment site located to the south and west of the existing rail loop as well as the construction of ditches, box culvert, pipe culverts, tunnel underpass, and sedimentation basin. The ash is to be excavated to the depths established by the lines and grades on the project drawings. It is estimated that removal to the depths indicated, along with the ash produced by the plant during the project, will result in approximately the ash necessary for the embankment.

City Utilities intends to place their operational flyash in the project area rather than the landfill for the duration of the project.  Bidder should include a description of how this joint effort will work in their construction plan and address any safety concerns.

In conjunction with the placement of ash for the embankment, it will be necessary to build-up containment embankments around the ash. The containment embankments shall consist of a minimum of two (2) feet of compacted clay and four (4) inches of topsoil over the ash. If necessary, the ash shall be mixed with Type C fly ash, hydrated properly, and compacted to the specified density. Clay can be obtained on-site from the trench over-dig beneath the embankment and from the excavation of ditches.  Topsoil can be obtained from the same areas.  It is anticipated that the project will be approximately 3,400 cubic yards short of topsoil material.  City Utilities shall have the option to provide this material or purchase the material from the contractor at the unit price quoted in the contract.   Embankment slopes and surfaces will require seeding, fertilizing and mulching to establish new vegetative cover or thicken existing cover.  The embankment shall be constructed to the finished grade centerline profile and contours shown on the contract plans.

Other incidental work items included in this project consist of restoration of any borrow and stockpile areas, including proper grading to promote drainage, and re-establishment of the vegetative cover.  Traveled access roads will require maintenance and repair throughout the project. Watering of access roads and work areas will be required to control dust throughout the project.  Environmental Controls will be critical during this project.  The Contractor will include details in the “Construction Methods and Environmental Controls Plan” that adequately address all concerns on the project.”

Procurement Documents for RFP 35222, complete with detailed specifications and bid form, can be viewed and downloaded by navigating to the following Website and searching by bidding event number or name:

Click on “All CU Bidding Opportunities” , Then click on “0000035222”, You will have access to open, print and/or save pdf file(s).

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If you have trouble downloading the RFP package or drawings call Ryan Turner of  City Utilities at 417-831-8656.